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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Business Coaching Chronicles Who Is Running Your Business

Who is running your business?  For this one particular client, a self-employed business owner, the answer or the truth was a revelation.  As a personal business coach I have collaborated with and supported business owners, executives and managers in various stages of business and personal growth.

The business in this story was entering its third year.  It had grown steadily and developed a good reputation in the design and construction areas.  The business owner had added employees and believed he was on his way to future small business growth and success.

When I entered the picture I could see the positives.  But there were some major concerns.  Running your business is similar to painting a picture.  As the picture changes you are going to have to use different brush strokes, colors, shading, etc.

Running Your Business—Keep The Brush In Your Hand!

My self-employed business owner client had hired the best people.  He was proud of that and rightfully so.  But in running your business, as the business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional, you must keep the paint brush in your hand.

He was making a critical mistake that many business owners make.  He had become busy to the point where he trusted that things were getting done.  He trusted his employees but he increasingly found that things were falling through the cracks.

And, they were starting to design a business around their wants and needs and not his.  They had the brush in their hand and he didn’t like what he was seeing.

Running Your Business—Take The Brush Back!

He wanted to take the brush back but he didn’t know where to start.  Running your business is supposed to mean that you have control.  But without good systems, that are written, it is hard to hold people accountable.  If you can’t hold your employees accountable through systems and processes then ultimately they will run the business and you, the self-employed business owner.

Our first step to taking the brush back was to create job descriptions.  With the descriptions came processes and accountability.  The next part was the most difficult.  The business owner had to retrain himself in how he did business.  He had to monitor the process and hold his employees accountable.

When you are used to winging it this is a huge challenge.  Also, his employees didn’t like the fact that the business was now being run first and foremost for the clients, not them.  A couple of them quit.

Running Your Business—You Paint The Picture

Now my client took the brush back.  He had systems in place.  He started to understand that running your business is based on process.  And that process determines outcome.  His business started to improve and experience new growth.  And here’s the key point.  It was experiencing growth that it could handle.

Whether it is online training, business training, business courses or business skills training there is no substitute for the actual experience of running your business.  I strongly encourage my clients to be involved in the forms of education listed above plus anything else that can accelerate the process of their successful performance.

Why?  Education and training gives you perspective and awareness of the pitfalls you may encounter in running your business.  Running your business is a continuing self development course.

Focus on process.  Keep the brush in your hand and your will enjoy running your business.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

From The Business Coaching Chronicles: The Power Of Momentum

The momentum was gone and so was the fun for one of my personal business coaching clients.  As he looked up from his desk he sighed and said, “This is no fun any more.”

I have encountered this scenario numerous times in my business coaching practice and it even happened to me in the businesses I owned.  For the self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional one of the worst feelings is a loss of momentum.  Why?

Momentum Determines Perspective 

When things are going well your steps are lighter, the day is brighter and the problems you have a challenges that can be overcome.  You have positive, forward momentum.  Obviously, there can be negative momentum but the focus in this article is on the positive.

When your momentum is positive your perspective of the present and the future is good.  You believe that things will continue to get better over time.  As a self-employed business owner running a small business you feel you are on a good track.

When you feel you are on a good track you have positive momentum.  You have a healthy perspective that sees “what can be” and the means to make it happen.  When our momentum ceases to be forward and positive we start to feel stuck or overwhelmed.

When we are in this position, very often our activity diminishes.  When our activity diminishes, so do our results.  And when our results diminish our self-esteem and our can do attitude erodes.
Regaining Momentum 

As was the case with my client, his activity had diminished and so had his results.  The employee morale in his 5 person company was not good.  People did their jobs…..kind of.  There was little enthusiasm.
This loss of enthusiasm was felt by his customers.  Some of his long time customers would remark to him that he didn’t seem happy.  This bothered him greatly.

He had been in business 20 years and built a good business but the joy and enthusiasm was gone.  He saw all his business days looking the same.  Today was going to be like yesterday.  Tomorrow was going to be like today.  He knew he had to regain his momentum but how to do it?
                   Your Vision Of The Future Creates Your Momentum 

If you think about it, everything must be finished before it can be started.  Without an exciting vision of the future the present becomes a tedious slog through the mud.  When you get to the end of the day you say, “Whew, I made it through another day.”  Then your energy is zapped even further when you realize that tomorrow is going to be the same.

For my client we collaborated to create a vision of the future that was exciting to him.  Once we created the future, which included upgrading parts of the business and positioning it to be sold, then the present became meaningful.

Every day was now a step forward to attaining the future he desired.  This took several months.  But the excitement and the momentum returned.  His business became better externally and internally.

Positive momentum was carrying him forward.  If you feel your momentum is lost and the present is a slog through the mud, go to work on your vision of the future.  Go to work on yourself.  After all, your world will get no bigger than your thinking.

And, when the future is finished in your mind, then what you need to do in the present becomes absolutely clear.  When things are clear you have cleared the pathway for momentum to carry you to the business and life you desire.  Things become fun again.

Capture the future in your mind and you will build momentum.