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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Caution! Contents Under Pressure: Running A Small Business

Running a small business is all about pressure. One of the keys to success as a business owner, whether you are an entrepreneur or solo professional, is your ability to manage pressure.

When you are self-employed, at times you may feel like you have pressure coming from many different directions. And, when you are starting your own business, there are many unexpected pressures. Once you get to the point of running a small business, hopefully, the pressures are fewer. If not, you will burn out.

How do you manage pressure? First of all pressure is good. It creates stress. Stress can cause us to do good things or to shrink away from what must be faced. Running a small business is about facing pressure. The key to handling pressure and overcoming it is to establish your priorities.

In business coaching one of the aspects that most clients address is how to reduce stress. First, we have to understand that stress is what causes us to grow if we respond to it properly. The only stress free state is death.

Business success, whether it be small business success or large business success, is getting clear about your priorities. To grow in running a small business you must know your priorities. And, here’s the key. You must be able to shift your priorities.

Think about this. You have several problems or challenges show up in an hour. Which one is the most important? Instead of determining what is most important the self-employed business owner either tackles what is easiest or responds to them in the order in which they appeared.

After all, things are hectic. Yes, they are hectic. My life as a business coach can become hectic. When this happens its because too many things have come into my life at once. Initially, I react to whatever comes in. The problem with this is that I end up putting my focus on what I deem as critical. In fact, when I am in this mode everything can seem critical.

Here’s the problem not just for me, but in running a small business. To grow and be successful you must focus on what is important. When you are in reaction mode to a multitude of challenges it’s difficult to set your priorities.

But, if you don’t set your priorities you will end up having a day and a business focused on what is critical. Progress is made when a business owner addresses what is important. When he or she does that then the number of critical situations starts to diminish.

One of the best feelings in running a small business is to have a feeling of control. It is one of the keys to success and it does not happen overnight. It takes time. It takes personal growth. And, when you have control you start to reduce the pressure.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

What Is Your Startup Business Plan?

What’s your startup business plan? Thoughts are things. A startup business plan begins with thinking. The next step is talking. And the next step for those that want to enhance their chances for success is to write it down.

If there is one thing that will increase the odds of your success it is to write down in detail your startup business plan. As a personal business coach I can assure you that there is very little accountability until something is written down.

As a business success coach it is painful to watch business owners say what they are going to commit to do and then not do it. To avoid accountability they will say that what they said previously is not what they really meant.

The sad part is that time is lost, they excuse themselves for non-performance and then they start the cycle all over again. And as long as their thoughts and desires for their business are not written down they can give themselves an air tight excuse for failure. If they only understood that the keys to success were at the end of their pen maybe they would be more motivated.

The moment you write down your startup business plan is the instant you have added true commitment to your success. In business performance coaching the simple task of putting things in writing can accelerate the process of successful performance. As a personal business coach I have collaborated with clients who are successful and did not write down their startup business plan.

But I can assure you whether it is success planning, a marketing business plan, a business marketing strategy the business owner will increase his odds for success when he writes down his thoughts in these areas.

Being self-employed whether you are an entrepreneur or solo professional is a big challenge. And, it becomes a much bigger challenge when we keep our thoughts in our minds and don’t get them down on paper.

Much as it may sound boring writing down your plans is one of the business keys to success. Think about it. Ultimately, you are going to need policies and procedures which are in writing to grow and hold others accountable. You might as well get in the habit of writing things down in your startup business plan.

There are many keys to success in small business. You don’t have to master all of them. But, you must master some of them. Taking a business training course is one of the keys to success.

In my Business Keys To Success home study course at www.BusinessKeysToSuccess.com you will learn valuable lessons from my observations of small businesses that have succeeded and failed.
These are the keys to success that they don’t teach you in school.

Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune. As a self-employed business owner my goal is to give you the keys to success in creating your own fortune. Running a small business is a huge challenge. Start the process correctly and it will make it easier to grow and experience small business success.

Your small business growth will get no bigger than your thinking. Arm yourself to think big. Believe in yourself to create and have all that you desire. Before you begin put it I writing. That’s the key to a startup business plan for success.

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