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Monday, November 30, 2015

From The Business Coaching Chronicles: The Power Of The Personal Hand Written Note

Personal hand written notes are powerful. I once heard it said that “You have the power to make someone’s day at the end of your pen.” And, I have seen the truth in this not only in my own life but in the businesses and lives of my clients.

In my personal business coaching practice I engaged a new service company as a client. The company consisted of the owner. He wanted to grow. But, as is often the case when you are starting your own business, he was short on capital.

Personal Hand Written Note Marketing

As a self-employed business owner he knew that his ability to connect with others was his best marketing business plan. The challenge was, and this happens to many small businesses, if he went out and marketed he would have to close down his shop.

After exploring various strategies including the hand written note, he was stuck. He thought the hand written notes were a good idea but he had never written one. Very often, necessity is the mother of invention, or in this case new action.

He decided to commit to hand written note marketing.

A Personal Hand Written Note For Every Customer

Every customer that came into his shop received a hand written note thanking them for being a customer and telling them that if they had any concerns to immediately contact him.

From my experience, I knew that this marketing could work and could have big results. At first he got Thank You cards from Office Depot. In the beginning he was writing 1 to 2 notes a week.

At times he became discouraged. Business would rise a little bit and then fall back. But overall, it was moving in the right direction. In fact, it increased enough in the first six months to where he hired his first employee.

Build Referrals-A Hand Written Notes Converts A Customer To A Friend

At the end of his first year he had done $50,000 in sales. Four and a half years later he is on track to do $800,000. He has done no other advertising. He now has 7 employees. And, he still writes every customer a personal hand written note.

To amplify his the hand written note marketing he is now able to get out into the community and do volunteer work which has also had a very positive effect on sales.

His customers have become his friends and his referral business is huge. The hand written note is central to running many businesses by referral. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make a very positive impact use the personal hand written note in your marketing business plan.

I have seen the power of this for many self-employed business owners. The personal hand written note pays value to others who are helping you get to where you want to go. And, the most important aspect of the personal hand written note is that it builds relationships.

If you are looking for more business that is better use the personal hand written note. You do have the power to make someone’s day at the end of your pen. That power is the personal hand written note.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Keys To Success: Are You Positioned To Add Value?

One of the keys to success is to know how to add value. Whether you are adding value to a team, a project or a situation you must know yourself and your abilities to add the maximum value.

Keys To Success: A Story About Value

I was reading a story the other day about a high school basketball team. It reminded me of when I played high school basketball because my coach, Coach Lasko, did something similar.

When you have a group of competitive teenage boys who all think they are great players how do you get them to accept that they may have to play a position other than what they think they are good at. It was quite normal for our forwards and centers to think that they had the ball handling abilities to play point guard. Invariably when they tried to do this they would turn the ball over.

One day in practice, Coach Lasko changed the normal scrimmage between the first and second teams. The first team normally beat the second team soundly. This day, he had the first team members switch positions. The point guard played center. One of the forwards played shooting guard. The center played point guard. Then the first team went out and scrimmaged the second team. The game was to 20. The second team, of which I was a member, trounced the first team.

It was no contest. From that day forward no one questioned where the coach had them playing.

Keys To Success: Know Your Value

One of the greatest challenges for individuals, self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs and solo professionals is to understand the concept of value, and more importantly, how to add it to our lives and businesses. We can go out everyday and recognize talent. People are loaded with talent. Yet the ones who truly experience personal, business or small business success are the ones who apply their value in areas where it will be recognized or appreciated.

One of the keys to successfully running a small business or your life is to know yourself and your abilities? It is critical. Think about this. If you are seven feet tall and weigh 300 pounds you will never be a jockey. Yet, throughout my years of personal business coaching I have collaborated with many people who had great abilities but who were either not using them or applying them where they would not have maximum benefit.

When I ask most people how they add value they can readily tell me. That is good. When I ask them if they feel their present circumstances or situation is allowing them to add value, very often, I receive a different answer.

They tell me they wish they could be doing things differently to utilize their value. There is very little satisfaction in doing something well and yet, we don’t feel like we are adding value or are valuable. Step one in adding value is to know your value and to position yourself to use it.

Keys To Success: Understanding Your Value

Once you know how you add value the next step is to understand your value. You may say, wait a minute, aren’t knowing your value and adding your value the same? Here’s the difference.

Understanding your value is about figuring out how your value can fit into a particular situation. Too often we arrive at a situation or challenge with our skills and abilities, our value, yet we don’t know how to apply it, or even if we should to add value.

Keys To Success: Applying Your Value

Once you know your value and understand it there is one more step. Knowing your value is great. Understanding it and how best to apply it is even better. But, the ultimate achievement is to apply it. Without application of our value we can feel unfulfilled.

Whether it be in your business or life, put yourself in a position to succeed. One of the most important keys to success is to position yourself to add value and in the process enhance your work and life and benefit others.

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