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First things first, I like to have fun with people and what I do. I am a personal business coach. Yes, I have received training and been coaching since 1983. I have gone through and continue to happily go through more personal development. Personal development and its quest for personal growth, more often than not, are the missing links in the chain of business and personal success.As Warren Buffett once said, "Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get." For more information please visit- Self Improvement Coach in Houston Texas

Sunday, January 18, 2015

How Have You Grown?

When we speak about growth and results more often than not, we measure it with numbers.
  • Sales were up
  • Profits were down
  • My grades were in the top ten percent
  • I ran a mile in 10 minutes
Numbers are absolutely critical to measuring results……in most areas. It is easy to get number focused and miss what truly matters.

Numbers are truly important but what really matters is the impact that your efforts have on others. The measurement of your relationships, the human results are much harder to measure.

Even though numbers are truly important, it is the quality of your relationships that truly matter. You can have many positive measurements of success and improvement but if your relationships aren’t happy and fulfilling then all the positive results in the world won’t fill that void.

You can’t put a number on the value good relationships brings to you and others.

You can attain the numbers you desire in other areas and say you have been successful. Success is getting what you want. But, there is no complete success without happiness.

Happiness is wanting what you get. If you have the numbers and the good relationships you have it all. And that’s what truly matters.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015


John Maxwell in reflecting on how to win with people say to get out of your “own little world.”

In order to connect with more people in a positive way you always need to be expanding your view. Otherwise the types of relationships you have will have a great deal of sameness and not add to this adventure called life.

How do you go about connecting with more people on different levels?

If you have a narrow view of people, go places you have never gone, meet the kinds of people you do not know, and do things you have not done before.

Step out of your comfort zone. The comfort zone, if not expanded whether it is in business, life or relationships becomes the zone of mediocrity.

If you go new places, meet new people and step out of your comfort zone you will change your perspective. Change your perspective and you will change your thinking. And when you change your thinking it will start changing your habits in how you relate to others.

Now, with these new experiences and connections you will see the bigger picture and how better to relate to others.

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