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First things first, I like to have fun with people and what I do. I am a personal business coach. Yes, I have received training and been coaching since 1983. I have gone through and continue to happily go through more personal development. Personal development and its quest for personal growth, more often than not, are the missing links in the chain of business and personal success.As Warren Buffett once said, "Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get." For more information please visit- Self Improvement Coach in Houston Texas

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What Is Failure?

  Failure is nothing more than a few errors in judgment repeated ever day over a period of time.

How often have you or someone you know seen something that is not working in a business and take the attitude that it just doesn’t matter enough to do something correct it, eliminate it or even improve it? Most of us have been guilty of falling into this philosophical trap of “it just doesn’t matter.”

These errors in judgment get repeated because people don’t think they matter. Over time, accumulation of poor thinking leads to poor choices.

Failure’s most dangerous attribute is subtlety. To reduce the number of failures and to increase the possibilities for success you must have powerful personal philosophy guiding your every step.

You must become more aware of your errors in judgment and that each error really does matter. The next time you see something that you know is not right or leading you down the wrong path, address it.

The next step is to do something about it. Maybe you can’t do something about it today. The key is to not forget about it. Write it down. Take action on those things that you can. Always be taking action.

Only with purposeful action will you experience the flip side of failure, success.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Benefits Of Working With A Coach

Coaching is proven to work when two factors are present:

  •     The client is willing to learn, grow, and take action
  •     There is a gap between where he is now and where he wants to be and he is willing to be held accountable to close that gap.

That`s allthat is necessary for a successful coaching relationship where you can develop the right strategy, implement an action plan, and achieve your goals. Anything is possible within the coaching relationship. With a coach you can:

  •     Take More, Better and Smarter Actions
The first task is, together, to find out exactly what you really want for yourself. Once you create objectives that are clearwithin your personal values and professional vision, you are much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach them.

  •     Have A Balanced Life, Which Works Well
Professional success is maximized when you enjoy a sense of personal fulfillment and life balance. You need to be selfish yet responsible, and how to carve out enough time so your life outside of work is exactly the way you want it to be.

  •    Make Better Decisions
It helps you become focused as you share ideas with your coach. The coach understands you and to be subjective enough to want a lot for you, yet objective enough to not be biased or self-serving. You`ll also find that just talking about your options with someone who really listens is often enough to clarify things.

  •     Reach For More- Much More
When you have a partner you can trust, you will reach for much more because you have support. It is a team effort. Are you ready to think big and really live your life fully? The coach is a partner who will support you to take your life wherever you want it to go.

  •     Make And Keep More Money
Most people are worth a lot more than they are making. Are you happy with your financial situation? If not, the coach can look at your beliefs about money and address whatever is keeping you from experiencing financial abundance.

  •     Have More Sustainable Energy
Together the coach and youcan identify the things that drain your energy, and create a long- term strategy to eliminate them. In addition,the coachwill focus on the things that give you energy, and explore how to maximize their impact. When you`re happy, productive, free from tolerations and problems, you have a lot more positive energy and life is a lot more fun!

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