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First things first, I like to have fun with people and what I do. I am a personal business coach. Yes, I have received training and been coaching since 1983. I have gone through and continue to happily go through more personal development. Personal development and its quest for personal growth, more often than not, are the missing links in the chain of business and personal success.As Warren Buffett once said, "Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get." For more information please visit- Self Improvement Coach in Houston Texas

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Life is full of surprises, and the adjustment of our attitudes is a lifelong project.

Only when you adjust your attitudes can you experience more of the wonderful things life has to offer.

If you believe that the only way to travel is to walk your range will be limited. If you have a positive attitude about bicycles you will be able to travel farther, and more importantly, faster which will allow you to see more things.

And when your attitude is positive about driving a car you will be able to travel farther and faster than if you walked or used a bicycle.

Your positive attitude to explore and change is what transports you to greater adventure and fulfillment in life.

Adjustment of our attitudes is the key to expanding this gift of adventure that is called life.

William Arthur Ward said, “Our destinies in life will never be determined by our complaining spirits or high expectations.

The pessimist complains about the wind
The optimist expects it to change.
The leader adjusts the sails.”

Lead yourself. It is up to you.

Adjust your sails. Let go of old attitudes and ways of doing things.

When you let go of the old can you lead yourself to more that is new, exciting, fun and ultimately fulfilling.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Managing Time?

Achievement takes time but it is not about managing time. All of us whether we are rich or poor, happy or unhappy have 24 hours in a day.

We all start with the same amount of time. What we manage is how we use our time.

And to do that effectively, you must have objectives and focus for each day. Not only that, but to stay focused you must be able to see a long term outcome that excites you.

Most people don’t take objectives seriously. They put average effort into a lot of things thinking that by being involved in a great number of activities that it will yield them greater results.

Notice the word ‘effort’ in the last sentence. It is the key to success. Effort is the amount of energy you are able to put into something.

When people say, “I don’t have enough time to do this” most of the time what they are really saying is that “I don’t have enough energy to do this.”

If you have the energy to put superior thought and effort into a few things then you will keep your focus, increase the odds of accomplishing your objectives and having greater success.

Think about how you are managing your energy. When you understand what gives you energy and what takes it away you will be ready to better utilize your time to accomplish your objectives.

How you manage your energy will determine what you do with your time.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Jimmy Buffett in his song, Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, sings about changes and how nothing remains quite the same.

When we are trying to live our lives based on past memories and glories they are never the same. Why? Because the present we are now experiencing will color them. Sometimes they are lighter and sometimes they are darker.

Missing the great times of the past one can be grateful and happy that they had them or sad that they are not to be repeated.

That’s why living in the present with a purpose is so important. You must be creating those positive memories today that you can use as an impetus to create a better tomorrow.

Sadly, many people stop at creating a better present and wish for things as they were in the past. And their lives become full of deadening uniformity.

The great joy in life is that even if you can’t change your latitude you can change your attitude. Create a vision of the future you desire. Once you have that then you can start living in the present with meaning and purpose.

When the present becomes an exciting journey to the future you desire it will change your attitude and it may even change your latitude.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Power Of Hope

Hope’s power energizes us with excitement and anticipation as we look toward the future.

Hope is one of your most valuable possessions.

It’s been said that a person can live forty days without food, four days without water, four minutes without air, but only four seconds without hope.

If you want to help people win, build great relationships, build great teams then become a purveyor of hope.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Change is one of the most difficult things for people to face. And in the last 50 years the pace of change is faster and the amount of change we have experienced is greater than all the change man has experienced in recorded history.

When you think about it, the amount of change that we must adapt to is huge. Today many people are overwhelmed by change.

When we are overwhelmed we lose perspective. When we lose perspective we feel stuck. And when we feel stuck, we are unhappy.

In fact, Mark Twain once said, “The only person who likes change is a wet baby.”

One reason people don’t like change is because they get comfortable with where they are in life. They get used to their friends, job, etc. The question is, what can you do to better adapt to change and not feel as frustrated or stuck?

The answer is that you must become a learner. For too many, learning with any type of purpose ends with their schooling. If you accept change and stay educated about it and keep up with it in areas that are critical to you then you will become unstuck and move forward.

Change will still be a challenge but your life will be happier. Today, to remain relevant you must be a learner. You must embrace self-education. Formal education is a good start but self-education will enable you to embrace change and to lead a less frustrating and more fulfilling life.

However, when we are not willing to change, we get stuck in life holding on to what God did in the past instead of growing and moving forward into what God wants to do in the future.

Today, I encourage you to be open to the new things God has in store for you. Always remember that just because God has blessed you where you are doesn’t mean you can just sit back and settle there. God wants to do something new in you and through you. He wants to see you grow, prosper and flourish. Get ready and keep your heart focused on Him. Embrace change and see the blessing God has in store for you!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Are You Building The Bridge?

A great number of people wish for the positive but think negative. Their negative thoughts put them in a mental and emotional state which determines what is attracted into their lives. And, they don’t even realize they are doing it. Someday, sometime or never can become the operative words for their lives.

A better path is to wish positive and think positive. How do you do that? Start with the positive wish and then take action. That is the hallmark trait of positive thinkers. They take action.

If they see something isn’t working they correct it, if possible, or move on. If they see a challenge they think and then act on ways to overcome it. If they can’t overcome it, they move on to another solution.

Positive thinking involves the thought and the building the bridge of action to attempt to make that thought a reality.

The positive thinker understands that failure is a good teacher that shows us how things don’t work and encourages us to find pathways that do work.

They look forward to thinking of new ways to accomplish and acting on them.

As a creative individual you will continually attract good things into your life by thinking positive thoughts acting on them and expecting the best life has to offer.

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Monday, September 29, 2014


You set your expectations depending on where you have decided to pitch your tent today. Wherever you have pitched it will determine what you are expecting to happen in your life today, tomorrow, this year and beyond.

Where you pitch your tent is a reflection of the attitude you have. What attitude do you have?

If your thoughts are stuck and you’re focusing on what’s wrong or what’s not working, then it’s time to pull up your tent stakes!  It’s time to pack up your belongings and move out of the land of discouragement.

It’s time to move out of the “Not-going-to-happen” neighborhood and move into the new neighborhood of “Can-do-it-ville.”

It’s time to pack your bags and move into the land of hope, faith and expectation!

Every time you catch a negative thought and choose not to dwell on the positive, you are pitching your tent back in the “Not-going-to-happen” neighborhood.

Create higher expectations and move to a better place. Pitch your tent in “Can-do-it-ville.”

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Letting Go And Faith

We all go through disappointments, setbacks and things that we don’t understand. Maybe you prayed for a loved one, but they didn’t get well. Or maybe you worked hard for a promotion, but you didn’t get it. You stood in faith for a relationship, but it didn’t work out. One of the best things you can do is release it. Let it go.

Don’t dwell on it anymore. If you go around wondering why things didn’t work out, all that’s going to do is lead to bitterness, resentment and self-pity. Before long, you’ll be blaming others, blaming yourself, or even God.

You may not have understood what happened. It may not have been fair. But when you release it, it’s an act of your faith. You’re saying, “God, I trust You. I know You’re in control. And even though it didn’t work out my way, You said, ‘All things are going to work together for my good.’ So I believe You still have something good in my future.”

There is power in letting go of the past and the frustration of trying to figure everything out. When you release your questions, you are saying, “God, You are in control. I trust You.” And when you put your hope in God, that’s when He can heal your heart and lead you forward into His path of blessing.

We all go through disappointments, setbacks and things that we don’t understand. Maybe you prayed for a loved one, but they didn’t get well. Or maybe you worked hard for a promotion, but you didn’t get it. You stood in faith for a relationship, but it didn’t work out. One of the best things you can do is release it. Let it go. Only when you master the art of letting go can you let yourself grow.

Let go of the past to grow into the future you desire. If you go around wondering why things didn’t work out, all that’s going to do is lead to bitterness, resentment and self-pity.

Before long, you’ll be blaming others, blaming yourself, or whatever is convenient. You may not have understood what happened. It may not have been fair. Letting go of the past is your act of faith and a step forward to a better tomorrow.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Business Keys To Success: You Must Quit To Succeed

One of the interesting paradoxes is that we are raised with the thought that there is something inherently bad or wrong about us when we choose to quit.  Yet, if we don’t quit the thoughts, emotions, ways of thinking and ways of doing things that are holding us back, there is no way we can grow.  If we can’t grow then we can’t succeed.

In order to grow and succeed you must quit.

Learn To Quit=Learn To Grow

In my personal business coaching practice I have observed over many years that the greatest success among the self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs, solo professionals, corporate managers and executives belongs to those who have learned how to quit.

They have learned to quit their old role and all that goes along with it to embrace a new role that represents growth and a step up the ladder of success.  They have quit the role but the good news is that they bring all the knowledge and experience from the previous role with them.  This provides a solid foundation for the new challenges ahead.

Whether you are looking at personal, corporate or small business success it is interesting to note that more often than not, the greatest success stories are the individuals who are willing to quit in order to grow.

Quit-Do Less And Accomplish More

I am not talking here about doing less to move your business and life forward.  There will be new processes and innovations or just plain change that will keep us involved.

What I am talking about here as you move up the stairway of success is to distill down to the essence of who you are.  If you can focus your role more on who you are you will quit those things that aren’t working for you.  As you grow they can be delegated to others or there may be a new process that can take over a function that you previously performed.

The goal is the distillation process is to quit as many areas as you can that are not honoring who you are.  The result is that you now have more time to be working in your strength zones.

When your days are spent more in your strength zones you are able to dig deeper and to accomplish more.  You are focusing on fewer things, yet you are now positioned in terms of time, energy and focus to accomplishing more.

Quit-Deliver Maximum Value

When you start doing less by working in your strength zones you will start working more effectively, with more power and greater focus.  When you quit and are focused on what you do very well you will end up delivering more value with less effort.

Obviously, the realization of working in your strength zones to deliver more value with less effort is a process.  It can take years.  But when you learn to quit you are on the road to delivering greater value with less effort.

Quit And Experience Success

Let go of what doesn’t work.  Quit something when you realize that your time could be more productive when spent differently.

The reward is that you start living your life honoring “who” you are and how you want to live it.  In the end, there is no success until you learn how to quit.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Intelligent Action

People often ask how they can make better decisions? How can they make better choices?

The answer is to make the future part of your current philosophy. With a picture of the future you desire both personally and professionally you will now be guided to make better decisions in the present.

When faced with a decision all you have to do is ask, “Is this leading me to the future I desire?”

If it is not, don’t do it. If it is the proceed.

But there is one thing that can get in the way. It is the past. Use the past as a guide as to how to move toward the future you desire. When you use the past as a guide and as a school, and not as a club on yourself about would have, could have or should have been, you will move forward.

You can now choose to take intelligent action in the present to create pathways to the future you desire. Intelligent action in the present revolves around one thing, clarity.

Once the future is finished in your mind, then what you need to do in the present becomes absolutely clear. When you are absolutely clear you will take intelligent action.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Master The Small Disciplines

Are you mastering the small disciplines in your business and life? It is the small disciplines that lead to great accomplishments.

Success is about accumulation. The accumulation of many small disciplines performed well leads to great accomplishment.

The next time you let something go that needs to be done with the attitude that “it really doesn’t matter,” remember this.

Accumulating many small examples of a lack of discipline leads to failure. Failure, like success, is also an accumulation. Failure is the accumulation of many small errors in judgment repeated every day over a period of time.

Why is this important? It is the sum total of our past decisions that lead us to our current circumstances.

Master the small disciplines. They show us the correct way to step into success and the good life!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


What is failure? It is nothing more than a few errors in judgment repeated every day. They get repeated because people don’t think it matters.

When you hear about a business closing down it appears to be one big event. It is a big event for that day but the reality is that what caused it to close down had been going on for a long time. Just look at Montgomery Ward or Steak and Ale as examples of errors in judgment that were repeated every day over a period of time. They failed for years before it became official.

You may ask, “How come failure is not recognized sooner?” That’s a good question. Failure is not as obvious as it may seem. It can be like the fog that creeps in on little cat feet. What worked for years in a company may gradually not work as well. But people hold onto the hope that the old ways will work. Then, all of a sudden like the fog, you are in the middle of it and can see no way out.

The fact is that we are resistant to change. The first step to failure is in our thinking. We refuse to change the way we see things. We get comfortable with the status quo and how things were in the past and hope that somehow things will work out.

But, they never do, if we don’t change. Why? Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

And there is only one way to lessen the likelihood of failure and increase the odds of success. We must not only embrace change. Even better we must be the change. With a strong personal philosophy in favor of change we increase the odds of success and weaken the grip of failure.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Peer Pressure-A Powerful Force

Peer pressure….much is said about it but what makes it so powerful. Very often we think of peer pressure as being around people who would like us to do things as they would do, even when it is not part of who we are.

Peer pressure more often than not is not direct. It is an especially powerful force because it is subtle.

If you're around people who believe that it is good to spend all you make, then you have increased the odds exponentially that you will spend all you make. If you are around people who go to more parties than concerts, the chances are excellent that you'll do the same thing. And, if you are around people who don't read, chances are excellent that you won't read.

Yes, peer pressure is subtle. It’s like the fog, as poet Robert Frost once said that, “creeps in on little cat feet.” Suddenly it has enveloped you and you lose your perspective. You cannot see things clearly.

Understanding the power of peer pressure is essential to lead a good life. People, many with good intentions can keep nudging us off course a little at a time until finally, we find ourselves asking, "What happened?" or “How did I arrive at these circumstances?”

Be aware of the subtle influences of peer pressure. Be a keen observer and when you are your life is much more likely to turn out the way you planned.

On what course is peer pressure taking you?

About Author :
First things first, I like to have fun with people and what I do. I am a personal business coach.Yes, I have received training and been coaching since 1983. I have gone through and continue to happily go through more personal development.
Personal development and its quest for personal growth, more often than not, are the missing links in the chain of business and personal success.As Warren Buffett once said, “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Business Keys To Success: Focus And Leadership

Control Your Internal Wheel
Control can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing.  For most people, the first thing they think of is that if I am in control that’s good and if someone else is then it is not.

Over years in my personal business coaching practice I have observed while collaborating with and supporting self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs, solo professionals, corporate managers, executives and individuals that most of them when they here the word “control” think of it externally.  Externally means either they are controlling someone or they are being controlled by someone.

To have small business success or any success for that matter, understanding and practicing internal control is essential.

Control What’s On The Inside

Yet, the most important control is not external.  It is internal.  Former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, one of the greatest coaches who ever lived, said, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

Wooden was known for stressing excellence to his players and encouraging them to work toward their potential.  He understood that what was happening on the inside controlled what was manifested on the outside.
Focus On What’s Under Your Control

He never made winning a championship his goal.  He focused on the journey, not the destination.  He and his players focused on being the best they could be on the inside.  And he had some major challenges with his star players including his famous center, Bill Walton.

Yet his work ethic and focus on the things within his control and imparting that to his players earned his UCLA teams four undefeated seasons, an eighty-eighth game winning streak, and an incredible ten national championships.  No one had ever done that before him, and no one has done it since.

Control Is Necessary For Greater Success

Coach Wooden focused on the journey, not the destination.  As you move forward on your success journey you need to remember that what happens in you is more important than what happens to you.

You can control your attitudes as you travel on this journey but you need to remember that you have no control over the actions of others.  You may influence someone but you can’t control them.  Too often, people mistake influence for control and end up being disappointed.

Control Comes From Self-Education

As you move forward learning internal control is part of your self-education process.  It doesn’t come from online training, online courses, corporate training, continuing education or business training.  All of these can add to your perspective on control.  But ultimately control resides inside of you.

Be In Control And Reduce Stress

Unfortunately, the majority of the fear and stress that people experience in life is from things they can do nothing about.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Be in control.see more at : www.thehoustonbusinesscoach.com

Friday, June 6, 2014

Business Keys To Success: Connection

John Maxwell in his book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” talks about the importance of connection.  The following is an excerpt from this book.

Connection For Stronger Relationships

The stronger the relationship you form with followers, the greater the connection you forge—and the more likely those followers will be to want to help you.  Whether you’re speaking in front of a large audience or chatting in the hallway with an individual, the guidelines are the same.

  • Connect with Yourself:  you must know show you are and have confidence in yourself if you desire to connect with others.
  • Communicate with Openness and Sincerity:  Legendary NFL coach Bill Walsh said, “Nothing is more effective than sincere, accurate praise, and nothing is more lame than a cookie-cutter compliment.”
  • Know Your Audience:  Lean people’s names, find out about their histories, and ask about their dreams. Speak to what why care about.
  • Live Your Message:  Practice what you preach. That’s where credibility comes from.
  • Go to where They are:  I dislike any kind of barrier to communication. I adapt to others; I don’t expect them to adapt to me.
Connection With Focus, Belief and Direction
  • Focus on Them, Not Yourself:  The number one problem of inexperienced speakers and ineffective leaders is that they focus on themselves.
  • Believe in Them:  It’s one thing to communicate to people because you believe you have something of value to say.  Its’ another to communicate with people because you believe they have value.
  • Offer Direction and Hope:  French general Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Leaders are dealers in hope.”
Connection With Intention

Intentionally connect with the people you lead today.Make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Connection is the key.
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Business Keys To Success: Leadership

Leadership-Be Out Front
One of my favorite quotations on leadership states, “Leadership isn’t taught.  It is caught.”  I can assure you that in my career as a self-employed business owner and as a personal business coach that there are several people who served me well as excellent role models of leadership.

In fact today, when I am in leadership positions, I refer back to some of those experiences to help guide me and make me a better leader.

Leadership-Think In A Larger Context

One of the things I have learned is that good leadership thinks in a broader context.  Leaders start by asking themselves, how will this impact my people or those around me?  But they go one step further.  They look at the impact on those above them and below them.

They look at things in the larger context.  They try to see everything in terms of the entire organization and beyond.

Leadership—Be Global

Good leadership has the ability to be global.  Leaders that are global have the ability to create the positive vision of the future that they and their team want to accomplish.  But in being global they also see how what they are doing will have in impact on other areas of the organization.

Or, if they are a self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional, how they are going to have to change and what other changes are going to happen in order to grow the business and have small business success.

Leadership Is Influence

As John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence.”  You can extend your leadership skills even further if you have what I call a spectrum component to add to the global outlook.

The spectrum component is the ability to see in broad terms the steps, time lines and project management that will be needed to take the team to the realization of the goal.

Leadership involves many other things but the above are a start.  Start looking at things in the larger context.  This leads to more global thinking.  Provide a linear or spectrum component, or what I call, the “how tos.”

But in the end, your leadership will be as effective as your influence.  Leadership is creating in others today a future willingness to follow you into something new for the sake of something great.  And the great leadership stories are about just that.  Leadership is about taking a group of followers into something new and ending up with something great.See more at : http://www.thehoustonbusinesscoach.com

Friday, April 11, 2014

Business Keys To Success: Self-Discipline

The road to success and ultimately more happiness is paved with self-discipline.  Author H. Jackson Brown Jr. said, “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates.  There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.”  If you know you have talent, and you’ve seen a lot of motion—but little concrete results—you may lack self-discipline.  The road to small business success, or any success for that matter and happiness is paved with self-discipline.

Self-discipline-Sort Out Your Priorities

What two or three areas of your life are vital to your success?  Write them down, along with the disciplines that you must develop to keep growing and improving in those areas.  Develop the disciplines and more importantly develop an action plan with concrete steps that you must apply whether it is daily or weekly.  Plan how they are going to become part of your life.

Self-discipline-List the Reasons

What are the benefits of practicing the disciplines you just listed?  Starting something new is not easy.  Without a positive vision of the benefits it is more challenging to follow through.  Post these benefits somewhere where you will see them daily.  In my personal business coaching practice I have observed the importance of constant visualization of what we want to accomplish and how it gives impetus to making it a reality.

Self-discipline—Get Rid of Excuses

Whether you are a self-employed business owner, entrepreneur, solo professional or corporate manager or executive all of us come up with excuses as to why we are not getting things done.  To eliminate the roadblocks to developing your new disciplines write down the reasons as to why you may not be able to follow through with them.  Read through them.  And then dismiss them as the excuses they are.

Here’s the hard part.  Even if a reason seems legitimate, find a solution to overcome it.  Don’t leave yourself any reasons to quit.  Remember that a discipline is the bridge between a thought and an action.  Only when you have the discipline to act do you have the power to achieve your dreams.

There is a nursery in Canada that displays this sign on their wall:  “The best time to plant a tree is twenty-five years ago…..The second best time is today.”  Plant the tree of self-discipline in your life today. see more at : http://www.thehoustonbusinesscoach.com

Friday, March 28, 2014

Houston Business Coach Steve Scott Teaches Key Leadership and Business Skills For Small Business Owners

In the last 35 years, Houston Business Coach, Steve Scott has started and built up several businesses. They ranged from a sole proprietorship to a multimillion dollar corporation with 80 employees. He’s worked in a variety of industries including financial, service, retail, manufacturing and international markets. Those experiences combined make Scott an ideal business coach to work with small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to tackle key skills that may be holding them back in making their business successful.

Sandy Vilas, CEO, CoachInc.com, MCC explains that Steve Scott has a gift of taking difficult concepts and putting them into ways that she can understand and remember. “For me, his approach and memorable stories have created pathways for greater accomplishment. Steve has given me a clarity of thought that has helped me see through the fog, and focus on the future.”

Scott’s goal as a business and life coach is to collaborate with and support professionals and business owners who are committed to having more in their businesses and lives. He works with clients who understand that through coaching they will have the accountability to create the future in business and life that they desire.

“I have known Steve Scott for over 40 years and I am hard pressed to think of anyone that I trust more and have more respect for,” Bryan Gorrie, Retirement and Business Coach says, “Steve is not only a good friend but someone that is deeply committed to supporting people in attaining what is most important to them in their lives.” Gorrie originally coached Steve to get trained as a coach because he saw a passion for working with others to find their bliss and attain new levels of success in their lives.

Client Reiland Larry, Owner at The Water’s Edge Spa says, “Steve Scott has provided me a way to find my own path in this complex world in which we live and work. He is the ‘Coach’ in every sense of the word!”

Scott’s coaching style utilizes stories and examples as well as real world application so clients can go out and make real changes to their business and themselves to become more successful. He’s built up a solid reputation as “The Houston Business Coach” over the last seven years and in recent years; he’s gained national and international coaching clients who appreciate his warm manner, true listening skills and practical solutions.

Learn more about Steve Scott, “The Houston Business Coach” at: http://www.thehoustonbusinesscoach.com.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Business Keys To Success: Your Team And The Revolving Door

In any team sport, the key to sustained success is managing the revolving door of players. Players come and players go. In business it is the same. If you are leading a team, you are responsible for making sure that the revolving door is geared toward bringing in players who are better than those that are leaving.

                                  Keeping A Good Team

So how do you go about doing this? Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or a business executive all of us know that situations, especially when it comes to employment, are not forever. A good start to managing the revolving door and keeping a good team is to place high value on the good people already on the team.
According to John Maxwell every team has three groups of players. The first is the starters, who directly add value to the organization or who directly influences its course. The second is the bench players, who indirectly add value to the organization or who support the starters. The third group is a core group within the starters that he calls the inner-circle members. Without these people the team would fall apart.

A Good Team Is An Evolving Process

Your job as a self-employed business owner, or corporate manager or executive is to make sure each group is continually developed so that bench players are able to step up to become starters, and starter are able to step up to become inner-circle members.

In my personal business coaching practice I have observed that the business owners and managers who understand the revolving door and how to have it work to their advantage have better and more productive teams.
If you are not sure who the inner circle members are on your team, then try this exercise: Write the names of the people on your team who are starters. Now determine the people you could most easily do without. One by one, check off the names of the people whose loss would hurt the team least if they left. At some point you will end up with a smaller group of people without whom the team would be dead. That’s your inner circle. At this point you can rank the remaining members of the team in order of importance.

Treatment of Team Members Must Match Their Value

Also, this is a good exercise to remind you of the value of the people on the team. And here’s another observation that Maxwell makes. If your treatment of those people doesn’t match their value, your run the risk of losing them and having your revolving door work against you and your team.

Here’s the question for moving your team forward in the small business or the corporate world. Does your treatment of your inner-circle members match their value? When it does your revolving door slows down and you are better able to manage it and your team. And your reputation will become one of a good team leader where people want your door to revolve so they can come in and be part of your team.for more information please visit-http://businesskeystosuccess.com/