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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Business Keys To Success: Master The Art Of Quitting

I believe that quitting is a good thing. In fact, many of the best things in my business and life have come from quitting. In my personal businesscoaching practice I collaborate with and support successful people. Interestingly, the one thing that all of them are seeking is to quit what isn’t working or has outlived its usefulness in their businesses and lives. Only in this manner can they be committed to a path of growth. The art of quitting minimizes the clutter and obstacles to moving forward.

Quitting certainly carries a negative connotation in our culture. I remember the sign above the entrance to my high school locker room, “A winner never quits. And a quitter never wins.” When it comes to sports and other endeavors not quitting can make sense.

But, to be honest, there are many things in my business and life that would have impacted me positively if I had chosen to quit them sooner. I should have quit accounting and being a financial analyst sooner. I loved the study of accounting and finance in school but I felt totally unfulfilled in these areas in the business world. There are many more examples.

Quitting Means Letting Go

So, why didn’t I let go of being an accountant?  I knew it wasn’t working. For me there was fear in quitting. I had wrapped up my identity in being an accountant or financial analyst. It was what I had studied in graduate business school.

Furthermore, I was afraid of what people would think about my quitting. I hung on for a year. I refused to let go. But at some point I realized that by not quitting I was wasting time in my life and this time was characterized by unhappiness.

When I decided to quit I had decided to let go of an image and profession that wasn’t working for me. I understood that I was letting fear paralyze me and steal my joy.

Quitting Is A Necessary Step To Success

Think about it. When new and improved technology is available you will go ahead and embrace it and the processes it entails. You have no problem letting go of or quitting the old way to embrace something that is not only new but better.

For the self-employed businessowner, entrepreneur, solo professional, corporate manager, executive or individual there is a fear of embracing something new and letting go of what is old and familiar.

Yet, if we don’t let go and practice the art of quitting we can never grow or advance. May we face criticism and skepticism from others? Yes. But you are determined to achieve success and you have decided to move forward. You are no longer going to have your business or yourself be held hostage in exchange for avoiding the criticisms and opinions of others.

Quitting Creates New Pathways To Success

Just as when a road way is blocked we find an alternate route, the same is true in the formula for success. To build momentum and move forward we are always looking for better ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Only when we master the art of quitting the old can the new enter and improve our performance.

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