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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Business Keys To Success: Are You Able To Quit?

I am challenging you to quit. Do you have the skill or discipline to know when to quit? In my personal business coaching practice I have observed that very often the greatest success among the self-employed business owner, entrepreneur, solo professional or corporate manager or executive comes when they decide to quit.

In the previous post we looked at quitting as a necessary step on the stairway to success. As you are climbing that stairway, you have to let go of previous thoughts, processes and ways of thinking in order to climb to the next step.

Learn To Quit

In your personal life you must learn to quit. Sometimes this is much harder to do than in the business arena as we have to deal with extremely personal circumstances and their repercussions.

The type of quitting I`m talking about has nothing to do with what you actually want to achieve in your life. It has everything to do with what you want to become and what you want your life to be.

In short, we must identify what isn`t working and quit trying to make it work.

Quit–Get Rid Of What Is Standing In Your Way

What is standing in your way and keeping you from what you want and who you want to become? What are you carrying around in terms of thoughts, emotions, and ways of doing things and relationships that are weighing you down and keeping you from achieving your goals?

As someone once said, I have met the enemy and it is me. Take stock of all areas of your life and determine what is draining you of energy and focus. As you take stock of these things understand that they have made you stronger.

But also understand that stronger doesn`t mean that you are more efficient, more effective and happier.

Quit-Get Rid Of Your Tolerations

What is toleration? It is anything that drains you of energy and/or focus. Tolerations and dealing with them can make us stronger while at the same time bringing our progress on the stairway to success to a stop.

In my personal business coaching practice when I hear someone say that they are a survivor it almost always means that the joy and excitement has been drained from their businesses and lives. Would you rather survive or thrive?

Thriving comes when you quit the tolerations that are holding you back. Imagine how much more efficient, effective and happier you would be utilizing your strength that was developed from surviving to applying it to thriving. To thrive all you have to do is quit.

When you learn how to quit you have learned to let go of what isn`t working. You have learned to say no to what isn`t going to work. You start living your life around honoring who you are. And the best part is this. When you learn to quit and stop being addicted to what doesn`t work you will definitely move from surviving to thriving.

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