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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Are You Building The Bridge?

A great number of people wish for the positive but think negative. Their negative thoughts put them in a mental and emotional state which determines what is attracted into their lives. And, they don’t even realize they are doing it. Someday, sometime or never can become the operative words for their lives.

A better path is to wish positive and think positive. How do you do that? Start with the positive wish and then take action. That is the hallmark trait of positive thinkers. They take action.

If they see something isn’t working they correct it, if possible, or move on. If they see a challenge they think and then act on ways to overcome it. If they can’t overcome it, they move on to another solution.

Positive thinking involves the thought and the building the bridge of action to attempt to make that thought a reality.

The positive thinker understands that failure is a good teacher that shows us how things don’t work and encourages us to find pathways that do work.

They look forward to thinking of new ways to accomplish and acting on them.

As a creative individual you will continually attract good things into your life by thinking positive thoughts acting on them and expecting the best life has to offer.

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