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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Keys To Success: Momentum

Momentum and maintaining it is one the most important keys to success. To have greater small business success and personal fulfillment you must create the momentum with the right thoughts and attitudes.

The right thoughts envision what is possible. The right attitude brings the feelings or passions that what you are thinking is possible. As Napoleon Hill said in Think And Grow Rich, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Keys To Success: A Momentum Story

Every day each one of us goes to the airport of life. You are your plane. Are you going to take off? Or, are you going to stay grounded?

Picture a plane on the runway. It is getting ready to take off. Yet, it is carrying too much baggage and therefore, too much weight. If it tries to take off it will crash. It can expend all the energy in the world but it will never get off the ground.

Similarly, in coaching success, I see good people who can’t take off because they are carrying too much baggage. The first step is to determine what the baggage is. Very often people have been carrying it around for a long time without even realizing it.

How do you recognize baggage? Baggage is any unresolved situation or attitude about yourself from your past? But you say, don’t we all have a history? Yes, we all have a history. History tells us where we have been. Baggage is what we decide to carry forward from our history into the present.

As a personal business coach, the first step I ask client to take to prepare for take off and to gather momentum is to get clear of their past. The past is not a predictor of the future. It is the past.

Getting clear of your past is a skill. You can get clear of almost anything. It is up to you.

Keys To Success: Dress For Building Momentum

Whether you are an individual seeking greater personal growth or an entrepreneur, solo professional or self-employed business owner seeking greater small business success you can only build momentum by dressing for it.

What do I mean by dressing for momentum? I am talking about the words you use. The words you use every day are the clothes that you dress yourself and others with. Replace the words “maybe”, “someday”, “sometime” or “I’ll try.” They are momentum killers.

Use the words “I can”, “I will”, “today” to start building your momentum. Dress yourself and other with momentum building words.

Keys To Success: Momentum Is A Daily Discipline

Personal success or small business success is not an accident when you focus on building momentum for yourself and your business every day. Personal growth or small business growth that sustains itself is no accident. It applies to everyone whether you are an individual or starting your own business or running a small business.

It happens because you are on purpose. When you are on purpose continually you are getting clear of the past, keeping your baggage light and dressing yourself with the right words to take off and soar above the crowd.

When you want to be on track to becoming more and having more, remember that momentum is one of your most important keys to success.

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