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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Keys To Success: How Tall Do You Want To Grow?

One of the keys to success is to understand that your life is a choice. In fact, everyday you choose to do what you think is valuable. Sure, we have circumstances, things and others that can dictate some of our choices. But if you are to be totally honest, you choose to be with those circumstances, things and others.

Keys To Success: Your Life Is Your Choice

Imagine that you are in a forest where the trees can talk. You go up to a tree and you ask it this question. “How tall will you grow?” The tree would immediately answer, “I will grow as tall as I possibly can.”

The tree doesn’t have a choice. It is going to grow as tall as it possibly can, given the soil, surrounding vegetation and weather conditions. The tree can’t change its conditions. But you and I have a choice.

Whether you are seeking greater personal growth as an individual, an entrepreneur, solo professional or self-employed business owner the choice to become more and be more is yours.

Keys To Success: What Will Be Your Choice?

The tree understands that it doesn’t have a choice. It is stuck where it is. You are not stuck. You are a human being with a mind and a free will.

In coaching success one of the keys is to make a choice to become more and be more. Only when you choose to become more are you in a position, whether it be for personal reasons, small business growth or small business success, to attract more and have more.

As a human being you have been given the dignity of choice. You can choose to be all. Or, you can choose to be less.

Keys To Success: Strive To Achieve The Maximum

Yes, your life is a choice. You have to decide what your choice will be. Unlike the tree which has no choice as to its circumstances and surroundings, you do have the power to affect change.

So, what will it be? As a personal business coach I can assure you that to have the business and life you desire you must embrace personal development.

As said earlier, you can choose to be all. Or, you can choose to be less. When I talk about how tall you will grow I am referring to the size of your life. Is your life going to be a short summary? Or, is it going to be tall in accomplishments?

Why not strive to achieve to be the maximum and be all that you can be? Regardless of what you do, life is a challenge.

Whether your challenges come as an individual or as a self-employed business owner running a small business or starting up your own business, things are better when you are taking on challenges you have decided to create as opposed to sitting back and waiting for the challenges to come to you.

Here’s a little secret in the keys to success. Successful people do not wait for the circumstances things or challenges. They make a choice and go out and create the circumstances and relationships to let them achieve their maximum.

The next time you are in a forest and a tree asks you how tall will you grow you have the answer. Tell the tree, “I will grow as tall as I possibly can.” People want to be in harmony with nature.

Speak the language of the tree. Let the tree know that you understand the keys to success and that you have chosen to grow as tall as you possibly can.

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